Orlando Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is perfect for all types of corporate advertising and promotion. At Bayshore Aerial, we realize our work reflects your brand and we take pride in creating the most vivid, professional images for your project. We strive to be more than just aerial photographers, we want to become an extension of your brand. With Bayshore Aerial, you can reach your audience by showing them custom imagery that differentiates you from your competition!

Our drones allow us to capture beautiful high-resolution aerial photography that can’t be acquired with other aerial platforms, including helicopters. Full-time camera control, live camera view, GPS drone stabilization and precise stabilized gimbals allow us to capture epic low-light imagery never thought possible on a flying platform.

Real-time GPS on-screen display allow us to frame up the perfect shot at the precise height and location you request. Our fleet of professional aerial UAV’s are a blend of advanced aerial vehicles and professional high-resolution cameras.

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Orlando Aerial Video

We utilize the latest cutting-edge drone technology and carry a wide range of DJI drones. Our fleet of drones is custom modified and tuned to several types of cameras, lens and gimbals to maximize efficiency.

Each one of our UAS Aircraft’s has special attributes. Some for tracking moving vehicles, navigating indoors, night flights, long range distances and others are made to carry our high-end DSLR cameras. Our pilots manage all aspects of the shoot while video transmission is made available to the client during flight for review and shot selection if requested.

Our premium videography services are a great fit for media companies or businesses looking for top-notch video to display on their websites or to share with clients. Our videos are also perfect for customers who desire attractive marketing videos to feature a place, product or service.

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